We are No More Boots

Two guys with a passion for skiing and outdoor life with no time to waste in long queues. Now joined by a number of ski loving investors to achieve this revolution.

Access to fun
easier for all

Company vision

We want to see people out in the outdoors, not in long queues. Everyone is included.

No More Boots shall be a market leading actor within the outdoor recreation sector, known for its ability to increase customer satisfaction as well as improve the working environment with innovative products, smart accessories and professional service.

Andreas Persson, Co-founder and Sales Manager

How it all started

We grew up skiing in the Swedish mountains at a young age, experiencing it all, from cozy ski condos, crowded ski rentals to sunny days on the slopes.

It all started when Andreas and I were working in a ski shop in northern Sweden and got tired of always spending so much time on ski boot handling for binding adjustments. We thought there must be a solution for this. After a quick research we realized there was none and we decided to take matters in our own hands.

We created prototypes and contacted leading ski shops in Sweden to get their feedback. The reaction was fantastic. After several test periods with prototypes, the final version was finally in production and ready for delivery in 2018.

The SkiClicker® was our way of questioning the traditional way of renting skis and today SkiClicker®, protected by a patent, is the company’s hero product and distributed globally.

Oscar, Co-founder

I think our vision says it all, we want more people to have more fun.

Oscar Arvidsson, Co-founder and Product Manager

The No More Boots family

We are a strong team of inspiring, ski loving and thrill seeking people with long term experience from various backgrounds.

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