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We all struggle with putting the boots on, now there is an end to that. Say hello to the Boot Bib®.
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Cutting, printing and packaging just around the corner of our office.

That’s how we want it!

We like digital printing as there are endless opportunities for different designs. Contact one of our distributors to make your own customized Boot Bib® today! Also, the paint is water based, so no chemicals used.

To offer a quality product with the best characteristics to be used in all kind of weather, made with recycled PP (10-30%). PP itself has low CO2 emissions and can be fully recycable after use.

Comes in two sizes

The Boot Bib® comes in two to fit any size ski boots


Up to ski boot size 22*



For ski boot sizes 22 and up*


the friction is gone

Get in your boots with ease

The Boot Bib® allows you to get in and out of your ski boots as if they were your most comfortable sneakers. Sounds comfy?

The savior of your ski boots

Protect your ski boot liner

The Boot Bib® will protect your ski boot liner after every great ski day. So now you won’t need any duct tape any more. Ever!

Get the right ski boots

Get correct ski boot size

Now you no longer need to purchase or rent ski boots that are too big, just because they are easy to get in.

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