Revolutionize your ski shop

We know that you want to help your customers as fast as possible and get them on the slopes as happy as possible.

SkiClicker® has been helping ski shops globally since 2018 to achieve this with minimum investment and maximum outcome.

Yes! Also for online booking

Three simple steps


Before the winter season kicks off, make sure you have done your home work and stored all your ski boot sole lengths in your data system. Use the Boot Analyzer* for this

*It also works great without any rental software


So its time for the skier to get their gear, just scan their ski boots and see the ski boot size pop up on your data screen, simple as that.

*of course you can use any software you’d like


Finally, it’s time to pick up your favorite tool, the SkiClicker® . Set the size according to the ski boot you just scanned, click in the binding and do the same procedure as you have always done before. (This time you won’t need to do it with a sweaty ski boot)

You’re done, and the skier is already on their way to the slopes.

What about the results?


It’s about time to stop sticking your hands down in sweaty and smelly ski boots.



70% less weight compared to a ski boot, a nice handle to hold on to and the size of your drilling machine.

Do we need to say more?

More money

The flow in your shop will be much faster meaning your customer will like it and your wallet will se it.

Simple math.

Need more details?
Read it all below


Ski trips could be quite expensive, all the skier want is to make as many pow turns, trying as many lifts and take as many selfies as possible on the mountain.

What they don’t want is to spend unnecessary time in a warm, noisy and crowded ski rental shop. Sorry but that’s just how it is.

So how can your ski shop survive and provide good service and equipment if the skiers don’t want to spend their time in there? Well, we will get to that further down.

Your shop might be a different size than your neighbor and you might not have the same equipment to offer. But let’s have a look a the general steps in a traditional ski renal shop for the skier when renting equipment:

First, try out the ski boots to be used. After that, bindings need to be adjusted according to the boot size. Finally collect all the gear (and kids) and try find a place to get fitted for the adventure on the slopes.

See the steps illustrated below. Hope you get the picture.

If you still work in a traditional ski rental shop, you are probably using one of the skiers boots to adjust their bindings. This creates many annoying and time costly steps for them, remember, they just want to get out to create stories and collect likes.

And let’s say there’s a family with two kids, they easily spend 10 minutes extra time in the rental shop because of this. All because they have to take of their boot they had just put on. Sounds logical?

And now we haven’t event mentioned how wet everyones feet are because of all snow on the floor.

What is SkiClicker®

SkiClicker® is the patented tool that is used for pre setting adjustment of alpine ski bindings. As it’s adjusted in length it covers all ski boot sizes you will ever need, in one tool. By working with SkiClicker® you no longer need to stick your hands in some heavy and smelly ski boots any longer. We think that’s about time!

Works for both alpine and gripwalk bindings

Receiving online orders?

SkiClicker® works brilliantly when the skiers want to order online, enabling you to adjust all the orders without having to collect any ski boots from your shelves. If they have their own ski boots, just let them fill in their sole length at order.

But, how does it work?

Before the winter kicks off, make sure to measure all your rental ski boots so you know their real size (not what the marking on the sole says), use the Boot Analyzer for this. If you work with software, just add the sole length into every unique barcode on the boot. In case you don’t work with any software, you can i.e. mark them with a pen or your way of choice.

When the winter season is full on and you are receiving skiers to rent equipment, the fun part finally starts. Just scan the ski boot barcode, set the SkiClicker® according to the sole length that comes up on the screen and you are ready to make the binding adjustments.

The skier has their own private boots on? Ok, just measure the ski boot at the desk, using the Boot Analyzer, and then use the SkiClicker® for the settings.

SkiClicker® comes in junior, for ski boots sizes TYPE C, and senior, for ski boot sizes TYPE A.

The recommended setup per work desk is:

  • 1 SkiClicker® junior
  • 1 SkiClicker® Senior
  • 1 Boot Analyzer
  • 2 SkiClicker® Holder

So, is this for you?

SkiClicker® works for any kind of ski shop. Small or big, in the ski area or far from it, with our without software solution.

Why also you should work with SkiClicker®

Let’s start with the skiers. They will gladly enter your shop as they know the renting procedure is so easy. They will spend up to 40% less time, than before, due to fewer steps and the improved work process. They will keep their feet dry as they can keep both their boots on. But most important, they will get out on the slopes in no time!

Next up is your staff, they will work more hygienic and ergonomic, no longer stick their hands down in smelly ski boots. Their workplace is not as noisy and stressful as before.

And you, the shop owner,  will offer the best ski rental service to your customers and a fun workplace for your staff. That’s a great basis for making more money. We think it’s a win win!

So what happened to the time line shown on top of this page? You can see it below, 3 steps, that’s all there is.

Can it be more simple?!

It’s about time you stop sticking your hands in smelly ski boots

Did we get you interested?

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