"A real
game changer!"

This is how it all started, we needed something to substitute ski boots to adjust ski bindings and we created the original SkiClicker®

Comes in two sizes

SkiClicker® comes in two sizes for junior and senior boots


For ski boots type C
(sole length 201-301 mm)


For ski boots type A
(sole length 255-355 mm)

All ski boots in one tool

Replace your everyday ski boots

No boot needed

SkiClicker® works with the majority of todays ski bindings, no matter if its regular Alpine standard or Grip Walk.


Better workplace ergonomics

Handle with good grip

SkiClicker® has a handle with good grip and 70% lower weight compared to a ski boot.

Can it be more hygienic?

Save time by 40%

Stop carrying ski boots

SkiClicker® substitutes all ski boots needed for adjusting the bindings.

Can it be more cost effective?


Choose any software

SkiClicker® allows you to work with any software, giving you the possibility to have the best setup for your shop.

Sounds great, right?

Start your own revolution today!