The word on the street

I prefer working with SkiClicker® when assembling alpine skis, it makes my job a lot easier and more time efficient
Johan Enström
Store Manager
By working with SkiClicker®, we save a lot of time and energy for both our staff and customers
Gustav Olsson
Work leader Skistar Åre
We started to use SkiClicker® this year and we found it to be a very convenient tool. Its precision really helped us to improve the quality of our work. It is also very resistant and the way it is designed makes it very handy
Guillaume Corneloup
Shop Manager
Working with SkiClicker® is absolutely uncomplicated and there are no annual maintenance costs. All in all, we can definitely recommend the SkiClicker®-concept!
Ludwig Ruetz
Managing Director
We like the comfort of using the SkiClicker® for ski rental staff versus a ski boot as it is more hygienic, lighter and simpler, which means less fatigue at the end of the day. The customer equipment is prepared more quickly, so the wait in the shop is shorter.
Ingrid Gehin
Network coordinator
SkiClicker® solves the binding adjustment problem in the easiest and most reliable way and reduces the process at the same time. The skiers are enthusiastic because they can keep the ski boots on during the whole rental process
Stephane Spillman
Sales Manager
Best things about Sweden:

4) Astrid Lindgren
3) Volvo
2) Stenmark
1) SkiClicker
Bjørn Fredrik Moen
Workshop manager
Naturally Efficient!
Rogier Bossink
Shop Manager, RoBo Ski&Snow
We prefer working with SkiClicker® and our staff can no longer imagine working without it
Henning Solum
Shop Manager
SkiClicker® is fast and easy to use. Works great for new staff. Saves us a lot of time as it only takes a few seconds to set correct size
Robert Jarlenäs
We appreciate the simplicity of SkiClicker®! We can also increase our service level to customers that can keep their ski boots on
Daniel Larsson
Shop Manager
We use the SkiClicker® daily in our rental ski shops. Its great as the customer can keep the ski boots on. Saves us time and increases customer satisfaction
Christoffer Lilja
Shop Manager